Holistic Therapies And Massage - * Improve Well-being  *Reduce Stress & Tension  *Maintain Health  * Treat yourself and Relax
My belief is that the client's needs are of the utmost importance. I have made a commitment to meet those needs. I have dedicated myself to learning every aspect of my profession and various modalities and continue to do so. As a result, I have many loyal, repeat customers, and referrals.
I have years of experience in Medical massage, Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Deep Tissue, Prenatal massage, Chair Massage, Sports massage, Traditional Thai Massage, etc. I had the opportunity to work for Leeward Massage Therapy Center and study under Louella Vidinha, who studied Lomilomi under the infamous Hawaiian healer, Papa Kalua.

Benefits of Massage Therapy: 
Improve overall Body circulation
Improve joint Range of Motion
Improve Muscle Tension and flexibility
Increase blood flow
Increase white blood cells
Stimulate nerve endings
Improve bone and joint alignment
Reduce stress and tension hormones
Increase dopamine and serotonin hormones
Improve overall health and wellness
and more..

For more information on benefits:

Here at the Massage Center, our belief that Holistic Health is important one's well-being. The body endures years of over use and strain without maintenance; and without proper maintenance it is bound to break down. Tight muscles pull on joints which may cause shifting and affect alignment and synergy between the anatomical and physiological aspect of the entire body, i.e. muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, organs, facia, nerves, brain chemistry, hormones, vascular system,etc. This type of neglect can be pushed to physical exhaustion. DO NOT DO THAT TO YOURSELF! Studies have shown positive hormonal affects through massage therapy. Everyone should be aware of what their body is going through and be able to treat themselves to a healthier lifestyle.
Come in to receive treatment and quality care.
in the Leeward Massage Therapy Center
98-027 Hekaha St. bldg#3 Ste#21
Aiea, HI 96701

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 10AM - 8PM
Thursday: 10am-2pm
Tuesday: Closed
By appointment ONLY- Please call or text Makamae, or visit www.Vagaro.com/HolisticTherapiesAndMassage
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